When navigating the business maze
you need an accountant with a passion
for success to drive it year after year .





“For nearly 3 years I was struggling to understand where to grow my business and what to do with my costs, and the help I received has been lifechanging for me and the business.”

Jess Howarth, Retail Clothing | London

Welcome to MazeKey Accountants London

We have over 20 years of experience in changing business fortunes and acting as a small business accountant in London.

Most small business accountancy practices don’t understand the business person, they only understand numbers. At MazeKey Accountants London, your business success is our fundamental goal. We work with businesses looking to increase profits, reduce their overheads and build a long term business.

A business is a living breathing entity that needs careful attention to detail to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.

As one of the best accounting services in London , we aim to nurture the business and give you every chance of success.

If you’re looking for a business partner who doesn’t treat you like a figure, and you want to achieve real business growth contact us today.

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What our customers say…

  • Exactly what I needed! A sit down to go through my business and really get to grips with what was going wrong. The problems that I was facing were resolved quickly with minimal cost to the business. Thanks again.

    Ellen Massey
    Training Director
  • I've been really happy with the advice I received from Mazekey. Our business growth has jumped 12% in just over 2 months with careful planning of our cashflow.

    Marcia Swanson
    Landscape Architect
  • Mazekey helped me build my small business from £15,000 to over £33,000 in just over a year. The expert help throughout has been eye opening for me.

    Ivan Fisher
    3D Modelling